B.A Program in Spanish

M.A. Program in Spanish Literature

For additional information, please, contact the program coordinator Dr. Marco Ramírez Rojas

E-mail Address:
Phone Number: 718-960-8859
Office: Carman Hall, Room 268

M.A. in Teaching Spanish ( grades 7-12) 

This program is housed in the Department of Middle and High School Education.
For additional information, please, contact the program coordinator Dr. Daniel Stuckart

E-mail Address:
Phone Number: 718-960-8455
Office: Carman Hall, Room B-29 F

If you need specific information about the Spanish component of the program, you may contact Dr. Marco Ramírez Rojas as well.


Internet resources on Spanish and Latin American language, literature, news, arts, culture, and more. Go to Resources.


An online journal of literary criticism and culture that studies the literatures of Spain and Latin America. Read Journal.

Spanish Faculty


Oscar Martin

Associate Professor/Chair, Languages & Literatures

Marjolaine Auclair-Davreux

Marjolaine Auclair-Davreux

Lecturer, Languages & Literatures

Daniel Fernández

Daniel Fernandez

Associate Professor, Languages & Literatures

Beatriz Lado

Associate Professor/Linguistics Program Director, Languages & Literatures

Alma Mora

Alma Mora

Lecturer, Languages & Literatures Carman Hall, Room 278 718-960-5629
Juan Jesús Payán

Juan Jesus Payan-Martin

Associate Professor, Languages & Literatures

Marco Ramirez-Rojas

Associate Professor//Spanish Graduate Program Director, Languages & Literatures

Tania Gomez Retana

Graduate Teaching Fellow, Languages & Literatures

Maria Del Carmen Saen-Decasas

Associate Professor, Languages & Literatures

A photo of a professor.

Delfina Evelyn Duran Urrea

Assistant Professor/Spanish BA Coordinator, Languages & Literatures