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New Language Requirement

How to get Permission for the Off-Campus Courses (ARB, CHI, WFL)

In order to get permission for the off-campus courses offered at Manhattan College or College of Mount Saint Vincent, you must e-mail Prof. Asako Tochika.

In your e-mail, please include:

  • Your name
  • Your CUNY First Empl ID number
  • Language and the course number that you would like to take
  • Prior knowledge of the language you like to take

When you register for the off-campus courses at Lehman, you will also be registered at Manhattan College and CMSV as well. You will be given access to their library and online resources once your account is set up. In order to create your account at Manhattan/CMSV, you will be asked to send your personal information in your second e-mail once you are given permission to register.

For permission and other information, please e-mail Prof. Asako Tochika at:

Spanish and French Placement Exams

Registration is not required in order to take the Spanish Placement Exam. For Spanish, please report to the Language Lab, CA-B37, between 10am and 3pm Monday through Thursday with your Lehman ID and EMPLID. For French, please stop by CA-257 and request a copy of the French Placement Exam times, dates, and instructions.

For more information, contact the Department of Languages and Literatures, CA, Room 257, 718-960-8215.

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