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Educational Leadership


The Lehman College Certification Office is available to support and serve current matriculated students enrolled in one of the School of Education’s teacher/ educator preparation programs. Students must be matriculated and on the path to graduate from their teacher programs.

We provide review and guidance, referrals services and navigation tools for students to obtain their state certification after they graduate from their program at Lehman from the New York State Education Dept. - Office of Teaching Initiatives. Based on each student’s program area of study, we provide evaluations for our students on behalf and under the New York State Education Department regulations and standards.

Our services are available via email, in-person advisement, and by phone for all School of Education students. Students must learn about their individual state certification requirements in preparation to obtain their initial certificate ideally after they officially graduate from their program.

It is important to check in with the Certification Office for advisement to review your requirements in addition to your own program advisor for your degree requirements! You should seek advisement early in your first semester.

Please see the left sidebar menu for more information about teacher and other educator certification, workshops, exams, and preparation materials. Below are announcements and pertinent information from the New York State Education Department.

Announcements from New York State Education Department (NYSED)

Effective April 27, 2022, the NYSED will eliminate the edTPA exam requirement and the General Core in Liberal Arts & Sciences requirement for any person seeking their first initial certification. The state's official announcement is available on their website for more detailed information: 

This will ​apply to all School of Ed students (past, present and future) if seeking their very first teacher initial certificate.  As part of all other certification requirements to obtain the first teacher initial certificate, the state will no longer require the edTPA exam nor any additional coursework for the General Core in Liberal Arts & Sciences requirements; effective April 27, 2022.

More detailed information is available in the following state links:

For Student Teachers, Interns and graduating Teaching Fellows/ Collaboratives during the Spring/ Summer 2022 semesters that qualified for the edTPA Safety Net: effective April 27, 2022, the safety net will no longer be required in part to the edTPA exam being eliminated as a requirement. The ATS-W exam will no longer be required because the edTPA exam will be eliminated.

The Emergency COVID Certificate: all information for this state certificate is available on the NY State Education Dept. Office of Teaching Initiatives website in these direct links:

For students completing a teacher preparation program at Lehman, please carefully read more information on the emergency COVID certificate page.

NYSED-OTI will allow DASA workshop approved providers to offer the entire 6 hour training session online temporarily during the COVID-19 state of emergency. See Memo.

Memo from NYSED to verify employment of Certified Individuals with Expired Initial Certificates:

  • A certified individual may continue to be employed after his/her certificate has expired.
  • The applicant must have applied and paid for their next level certificate application.
  • The employer may verify submission or an application and the required documents in TEACH while approval by New York State Education Department -Office of Teaching Initiative is pending.

For additional information regarding the following, please visit the NYSED webpages below: