At Lehman College, every program and individual student has his/her own specific requirements based on how much is already met/not met. It is important to check in with the Certification Officer in addition to your own program advisor to review your specific certification needs once you are enrolled in an education program at Lehman.  There is a general listing of certification requirements in this link to read over but it will come down to your personal background.

Please call the Continuing Education Department in this link.

For the Lehman College School of Education (SOE) students, please visit this link.

If you are enrolled in a specific program, then you need to meet all the requirements for that specific program including the certification requirements, and then apply for the other additional certificate through your New York State TEACH account AFTER you acquire your certification. If you apply to the state for an additional certificate once you already are a certificate holder, then your requirements would be considerably less. For this application process, you cannot enter a program code. 

Unless the program you finish for your Masters is in the same subject and grade level, then you would have to apply to the state without a program code using the “Certificate Progression” pathway. You will need to show proof that you received a Masters degree by sending an official transcript.

  • Undergraduate Admissions (718)960-8713 Shuster Hall Shuster Hall Rm161
  • Graduate Admissions (718)960-8702 Shuster Hall Rm 150

Refer to the Lehman College websitelehman.cuny.edu for the Schedule of Classes, Course Catalog, Registration Information & Deadlines under the “Shortcuts” drop down menu in the heading.

Please refer to the list below to meet with the Program Coordinators(graduate) or Advisor(undergraduate) for the grade level and/or subject matter of your interest. You will need to contact one of the following departments to get the schedule and contact information for the coordinators/advisors:

Early Childhood/ Childhood Education: 718-960-8167 Carman Hall Room B-07 (Undergraduate/Graduate) Birth- 2 & Grades 1-6

Middle & High School Education: 718-960-8171 Carman Hall Room B-29(Undergraduate/Graduate) Grades 5-9 & 7-12             

  • Art
  • English
  • Health Sciences: 718-960-8775 Gillet Hall Room 431
  • Math
  • Music: 718-960-8247Music Building Room 302
  • Science (Earth Science/Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • Social Studies
  • TESOL/ Bilingual Ext

Counseling, Leadership, Literacy, and Special Education: 718-960-8173 Carman Hall Room B-20 (Graduate Level Only)

  • School Counseling
  • Leadership: School Building Leader, School District Leader
  • Literacy - Birth - grade 6 or 5-12
  • Special Education- Early Childhood, Childhood, Adolescent: Generalist, all subjects

Speech & Language Disabilities: Speech Building 718-960-8134 (Graduate Level Only)

No, you just have to take the CST in the area you are seeking an additional certificate in.

  • A certified individual may continue to be employed after his/her certificate has expired.
  • The applicant must have applied and paid for their next level certificate application.
  • The employer may verify submission or an application and the required documents in TEACH while approval by New York State Education Department -Office of Teaching Initiative is pending.

Visit the link below for additional information on the following areas: Office of Teaching Initiatives Website

  • Initial Classroom Teacher Certificates
  • Provisional Renewals - Pupil Personnel Service
  • Time Extension of a Certificate

First time extension to a certificate—up to two years:

Additional time extension to a certificate—up to an additional year

Citizenship Exception

  • Military Exception

For information about all Safety Nets and Safety Net Deadline Chart visit New York State Office of Teaching Initiative.

New York State Education Department (NYSED) - New on the TEACH Online Services System

NYSED added the following text to candidate’s TEACH Online records:

Security update -You will no longer be able to view the full Social Security number when viewing a candidate’s record, only the last four digits will be displayed.  Only authorized officials will be able to place the mouse arrow over the area were the last four digits is displayed to see the full social security number.

Self-Reported Education

You must list all High School and College/University education information, including non-degree coursework.

Verified Education

Official transcripts must be submitted before self-reported education can be verified. All transcripts must include identifying information, your name exactly as it appears in TEACH, the last four digits of your Social Security Number and your date of birth.

  • Self-Reported Occupational Experience
  • Non-teaching experience for Career and Technical Applications
  • Self-Reported Teaching/School Experience

All Birth-Grade 12 school employment must be listed. All self-reported experience must be verified by the employer directly. Please use the appropriate form found here.


Applications are valid for three years or two evaluations, whichever comes first.

Lehman candidates and alumni can contact Vanessa Jones, Certification Officer or Shahaan O. Azeem, Certification Coordinator at  teacher.certification@lehman.cuny.edu for assistance.