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According to NYSED requirements, all candidates seeking INITIAL teacher certification must complete a Teacher Performance Assessment. This includes all student teachers AND candidates who may be teaching full-time on a temporary Internship Certificate but are not yet INITALLY certified. The L-TPP is a multi-measure assessment where candidates demonstrate the pedagogical knowledge and skills identified in the New York State Teaching Standards and the New York State Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework, as well as content area standards for the grade band and specialization area.

At Lehman College we have created the L-TPP (Lehman Teacher Performance Portfolio) as our teacher performance assessment. The components of the L-TPP will be shared with candidate by their Student Teaching Seminar Instructor. Candidates will also receive a Student Guide in their seminar course to help them with completing the assessment activities.

  • There are different versions of the L-TPP, based on the area of certification – Early Childhood Education, Childhood Education, Adolescent Education, Special Education, TESOL, Music and Art Education.
  • Candidates will complete the L-TPP during your time student teaching/teaching in a classroom, combined with Lehman coursework towards NYSED teacher certification.
  • Candidates will upload each component of the L-TPP into their Taskstream account when it is completed, and it will be scored by your Seminar Instructor using a 3-point rubric.
  • Candidates must successfully complete all parts of the L-TPP to be recommended for NYS certification.
  • All questions about the L-TPP should be directed to your Seminar Instructor.

New York State Teacher Exams are subject to change as new revised versions are released. For the most updated information, check the New York Teacher Certification Exams website.

Task # Description Topics Evaluated
Professional Responsibility and Growth 2 – 4 pages essay or
5 minute video or
5 minute narrated PowerPoint
NYS Teaching Std. 6 & 7
CRSE Std. 4
Knowledge of Students and Context for Learning Written document – 2 – 3 pages per student NYS Teaching Std. 1
CRSE Std. 3
3a. Knowledge of Content & Instruction, Learning Environment Written document (with diagrams or drawings)
2 – 3 pages per lesson, with annotations

NYS Teaching Std. 2, 3, & 4
CRSE Std. 1, 2

3b. Instructional Practice 20-min video of actual lesson (using SWIVL with time-stamped comments, or self-reflection paper).

NYS Teaching Std. 2, 3, & 4
CRSE Std. 1, 2

Knowledge of Formal Assessment Evaluation of 2 data sources.
  • Assessment of student progress on mini-unit
  • Summary of data from standardized student periodic assessment

NYS Teaching Std. 5
CRSE Std. 2, 3