About the Program

As an undergraduate student at Lehman College, you can pursue a 12-credit minor in Early Childhood/Childhood Education. Our minor is available for those interested in child development, the communities in which children develop, urban education and social change, as well as the roles of teachers in urban schools.

The minor can lead to a New York State Teacher certification through the Minor-to-Masters Program.

Declaring The Minor

To declare your Minor in Early Childhood/Childhood Education, go to:

iDeclare via Lehman 360   

Choose the following as a Plan and Sub-Plan:

PLAN: Early Childhood/Childhood Education (ECCE)


Undergraduate Coursework

After declaring your minor in Early Childhood/Childhood Education, you can register for the following 4 classes to fulfill the 12-credit minor. To fulfill the minor requirements, Lehman undergraduate students must take AT LEAST 6 residency credits at Lehman College and by Lehman College professors.

To fulfill this residency requirement, students can take elective courses. Please note that NO PERMISSION IS REQUIRED to enroll in these classes.

  • ECE 301 - The Child in Context: Child Study & Development - Birth to Grade 6
  • ECE 302 - Child, Family, Community & Schools in Sociocultural Contexts—Birth to Grade 6
  • ECE 304 - Foundations of Early Language and Literacy Development, Birth to Grade Two
  • ECE 311 - The Teaching Profession—Birth to Grade 6

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Andrea Zakin

Andrea Zakin
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