Dyan Atkins is a Senior Academic Advisor at Lehman College who is assigned as the General Education Advisor for Health Science Majors, working through the Office of Undergraduate Advisement in Shuster Hall.

If you are a Health Education and Promotion Major or Culinary Nutrition, Nutrition/Dietetics major, you will continue to work with your major advisors, along with Dyan, as we support you in your pursuit of your educational goals.  Major advisors and Dyan will work on establishing a clear line of communication to ensure that you meet your major and general education requirements and reach the 120-credit minimum required for a bachelor's degree.

Students pursuing minors in Health Education and Promotion and/or Nutrition also will work with Dyan and major advisors.

Planning for degree completion is vital to ensure that you graduate in a timely fashion. As such, you should meet with Dyan at least once during the semester before your anticipated completion date so that we can verify that you will meet all the requirements for your degree.

You can arrange an appointment with Dyan through the links below.