Mathematics and Statistics Student Success Center - MS3

The Mathematics and Statistics Student Success Center (MS3) opened its doors in the fall 2022 semester with the mission to serve all students enrolled in the following MAT courses: MAT 104, 108, 126, 132, 155, 156, 171, 172, 174, 175, 176. The center offers in person tutoring and is located in Gillet Hall room 233-A.

MS3 is open Monday through Saturday in-person and online on the days and times listed below. Tutoring is offered on a drop-in basis depending on the tutors available at a given time. The center provides computer access to students to work on MyLab assignments as well as review sessions during the semester.

NOTE: The center is not open for tutoring when classes are not in session or when the college is closed. Please contact us to confirm our hours of operation if you have any concerns at MSSS.Center@Lehman.CUNY.Edu.

Days Times Modality
Monday 5 PM - 7 PM  Online Via Discord
Tuesday 5 PM - 7 PM  Online Via Discord
Wednesday 11 AM - 2 PM & 5 PM - 7 PM  Online Via Discord
Thursday No Tutoring Available  Online Via Discord
Friday No Tutoring Available Online Via Discord
Saturday* 11 AM - 2 PM Online Via Discord


You can access past recordings of our review sessions as well as other lab information on our Sites page here.

Online tutoring is available through Lehman's partnership with NetTutor. To access the service, you can do he following:

  • Log into your Lehman360 account
  • Go to the My Apps sections
  • Click on NetTutor. NetTutor offers online tutoring for MAT 132, MAT 171, MAT 172, MAT 174, MAT 175, MAT 176 and MAT 314.

We also offer online tutoring on Fridays and Saturdays via Discord. You can join our Discord space by searching for it with the name "MS3 Spaces". You can use the following Discord information to join:

Join Friday & Saturday Tutoring

This semester, MS3 will offer review sessions in person and online for MAT 108, MAT 132, MAT 171, MAT 172, and MAT 175 The sessions will be offered the following dates at the locations specified.

  • MAT 132 Review Sessions
    Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1 pm to 2 pm in Gillet 223 and online via our Discord channel
  • MAT 108/171/172 Review Sessions
  • MAT 175 Review Sessions

You can also join these sessions via Zoom by using the logging information below on the days and times of these sessions, please keep in mind these sessions will be recorded.

MS3 Review Sessions

Location: Gillet Hall room 233-A
Director: Rafael Gonzalez, M.A

Assistant Director: Anthony Shiwmangal, M.A
Email us at:

If you are interested in becoming a tutor for MS3 please send us an email with your full name, the highest math class that you have taken, and the courses that you would like to tutor at

Tutoring positions are available through the Federal Work Study Program. Interested students should consult with the Lehman College Financial aid office to ensure that they are eligible for the program.