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Study Abroad Financial Aid FAQ's

Is there financial aid available for students who want to study abroad?

  • Yes. If you currently receive financial aid such as PELL, TAP, or are eligible for student loans, you can apply your aid to most credit bearing programs offered through CUNY (exceptions exist depending on the program).
  • If you are a recipient of the Excelsior Scholarship, you can apply this scholarship towards a semester or yearlong academic exchange program (exceptions exist depending on the program).

How is financial aid applied towards a study abroad program?

  • Aid such as PELL or TAP can be applied towards the tuition cost of a study abroad program. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions qualify for aid as long as a student is enrolled in at least one course, and as long they meet financial aid requirements at their home institution.

Can I take out a loan for a study abroad session?

  • Yes. Students can take out a loan to help cover their study abroad program’s tuition and program cost (exceptions exist depending on the program).

Will financial aid cover all the costs of my study abroad session?

  • Financial aid typically assists a student with their tuition for a study abroad program. This is why it is important for students to apply for scholarships as well in order to fund the remaining amount of their overall program cost.

How much Financial Aid could a student receive for one semester?

  • It depends on several factors. The budget of the program, the student’s financial need, etc. When you begin working with our office, we will have you schedule a meeting with financial aid to go over your awards