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Proposal Registration Form

The Office of Institutional Advancement strongly recommends that every effort be made to submit a Proposal Registration Form (PRF) at least two months in advance of the proposal submission deadline. Upon receipt of your PRF:

  • Please ensure that you have discussed your proposal with department/divisional leadership prior to submission to the IA Office, as written approval is required for this project in the following sequence:
    • Your supervisor
    • Department chair
    • Divisional Dean
  • The Office of Institutional Advancement will ensure that there are no competing proposals being submitted by other faculty/staff.
  • The final, approved PRF will be reviewed by President’s Cabinet to ensure that the project can be properly managed by the college and that the proposal is aligned with the College’s Strategic Plan.

Please note that a PRF must be submitted for all grant submissions, letters of inquiry (LOIs), PSC-CUNY grants, other CUNY grants, etc. and whether or not Lehman is the lead institution on the proposal.Philanthropic Proposal Registration Form

Click here to read protocols for partnership with the Division of Institutional Advancement.

The Office of Institutional Advancement is pleased to be of service throughout the proposal development process and can provide assistance with editing, proofreading, budget preparation, and the completion of required forms. Should you have any questions or need assistance at any point in the grant preparation process, please feel free to contact us at 718-960-2416.