Financial Literacy Learning Modules

Navigating the Federal and State Aid process can be very confusing for students and their families. That's why we have prepared these modules to walk you through Federal Aid Programs, the NYS Tuition Assistance Program, NYS Excelsior Scholarship, internal and external scholarships, grants, campus employment, and other aid opportunities.

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Welcome Video

Learn how these Financial Aid Literacy modules can help students and their parents and guardians navigate the Financial Aid process and discover ways to pay for college.

Financial Aid Orientation

See which offices can help you with the Financial Aid process at Lehman College.

What is Federal Aid (Part 1)

What is Federal Aid? How are awards determined and what documents do you need to complete your FAFSA application?

What is Federal Aid (Part 2)

What are the different types of Federal awards (grants, work study)? How do you maintain your eligibility to continue receiving your awards?

What is Federal Aid (Part 3)

Learn all about loans. What types of loans are available? How do you maintain and repay your loans?

What is State Aid?

Learn about State Aid programs like TAP, Excelsior, and Part Time awards, as well as how to maintain eligibility.


What scholarships are available to students? How can you apply and maintain your eligibility?

FERPA/Student Records

What is FERPA? Learn why keeping accurate biographical and demographic data is so important, how to submit iDeclare requests, as well as how to upload student documents via Lehman 360.

The Office of the Bursar (Part 1)

Learn the functions of the Office of the Bursar and how to view your tuition balance.

The Office of the Bursar (Part 2)

See what payment options are available, how to enroll in direct deposit, and learn about IRS Form 1098-T.

Applying for Financial Aid

Learn how to apply for Federal Aid via the FAFSA.

Applying for State Aid

Leanrn how to apply for State Aid via HESC.

Welcome Parents and Guardians (English)

For parents and guardians; learn what you can do to ensure your dependent has the financial tools needed to begin their semester successfully.

Bienvenidos Padres y Tutores (Español)

Este módulo fue creado para ayudar a los padres a familiarizarse con lo que se necesitará de ellos para garantizar que su dependiente tenga las herramientas financieras necesarias para comenzar su semestre con éxito.