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Lehman L.I.F.E.

Lehman L.I.F.E. supports service opportunities for students by creating awareness of need in communities around the world and fostering action through volunteer work. Our main goal is to increase awareness of issues affecting humanity from our campus to the global society. Students have traveled to Dominican Republic, New Orleans, Virginia Beach, Cincinnati, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Kenya to perform community service efforts and aid other communities in their own sustainability.

Students are required to fundraise or pay for 100% of their Lehman L.I.F.E. trip (scholarship opportunities are available).

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Trip Requirements for All Students

Lehman LIFE trips Puerto Rico, Spring 2020 and Kenya, Summer 2020 have been postponed. For more information regarding these two programs, please email

2021 Site Proposals will be available soon. Please check back frequently for more information or attend our weekly virtual office hours.

The following trips have been postponed:

Spring Break 2020: Puerto Rico - Humacao, Puerto Rico (Tied to LAC270) Global Citizenship and Service in Latin America and the Caribbean

In September of 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, having first made landfall in the community of Mariana, a one-hour drive South and East of the capital city of San Juan. Struck with winds up to 175 MPH, Mariana was the first community to lose power and because of its location in the mountains, one of the last communities where power was restored nine months later.

Lehman students will participate in LAC270 Global Citizenship and Service in Latin America and the Caribbean and during spring break, will volunteer with ARECMA (The Recreational, Educational and Communal Association of Mariana), which has supported thousands of community members after the storm. In Puerto Rico, our efforts will be focused on creating, and supporting elders in the community who are homebound and need repair work done on their homes. Students will also partner with their peers at the University of Puerto Rico, Humacao in a social action research project. Recently over 300 schools have been closed, cutting teachers and other educational professionals, increasing class sizes as well as commuting distances for students and their families. If we assist in rebuilding the community, families may come back to the area, revitalizing schools and other community development initiatives.

Our trip fees are considered donations towards the educational programs Crossing Thresholds is financially supporting in the community. They also cover your expenses, while on the ground in Puerto Rico including; a Crossing Thresholds representative who will be with you on a 24/7 basis, your board and room, while staying in the community, all ground transportation to and from the airport to the community, as well as all local excursions. Our trips to Puerto Rico begin and end at the international airport in San Juan (SJU). The cost of your flight is not included in your donation. For those volunteers interested in extending their stay in Puerto Rico, alternate ground transportation can be arranged for you to travel to your next destination at your own expense. Volunteers should plan to arrive at the airport in San Juan between 12:00 PM and 2:30 PM on their first day. They should plan to depart no earlier than noon on the last day.

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Summer Break 2020: Kenya - Crossing Thresholds (Tied to AAS # TBA) Global Citizenship and Service in Africa and the African Diaspora

Through this global service-learning course and/or service opportunity, participants will begin the course at Lehman and then travel to Kenya for the final two weeks of class to immerse themselves in the local culture, and customs of a Kenyan community, and engage in service by helping to construct a primary school, academic programs and local community projects. The impact is profound and sustainable for both the villagers and you as a student and person.

The opportunities for growth are enormous, as participants learn the value of service and education, while developing a deeper understanding of the world, and themselves as agents of change, and business and community leaders. This is NOT a vacation. Your team will be on the front lines of the fight to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations, serving in solidarity with local villagers as you build the foundation for a school that will benefit hundreds of children, parents and grandparents for generations to come.Your team will live with, and serve alongside, members of the community, engaging in dynamic cultural workshops, deep reflection activities, and thorough explorations of issues facing your host community.

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Trip Requirements for All Students

  • Complete a program application and participate in a group interview
  • Maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA
  • Complete 25 hours of service with the Office of International Programs
    & Community Engagemen
    • Volunteer for 1 of our major projects such as NYC Marathon or Acacia Holiday party

    • Participate in 2 pre-trip service projects with your team

  • Participate in all pre-trip meetings (This includes weekly 2-hour meetings)
  • Deposit airfare
  • Participate in all large group fundraisers
  • Pay the balance remaining on your account, after fundraising is calculated
  • Sign and return the appropriate liability release forms
  • Sign and abide by the alcohol and substance use agreement
  • Incur cost of all immunization requirements necessary for trip location
  • Attend the alternative trip in full
  • Be a responsible and involved group member – Be present!
  • Have a positive attitude throughout the entire Lehman L.I.F.E. process

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