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Administration: Office of Budget and Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CUNY's Fiscal Year?
CUNY's fiscal year is from July 1st to June 30th.

How much is Lehman's budget?

For Fiscal Year 2021-22, Lehman's Tax-Levy Operating budget is $189.7 million.  

Where do I see my annual Tax-Levy budget?
You need access to both LOMRS and CUNYfirst.  In LOMRS, departments are able to review allocation details, encumbrances and balances for both personnel (full-time, Adjuncts, Temporary Services) and Other Than Personal Service (OTPS). CUNYfirst "Financial Supply Chain" will provide detailed information related to OTPS expenditure (encumbrances, payments, vendors, etc.)

How do I request a budget transfer/modification?

Transfer request within and from/to Temporary Services and OTPS are submitted electronically via the Lehman Connect Portal (automated forms link). 

What is my department number in CUNYfirst?

The following PDF provides Lehman's CUNYfirst Chartfield structure by division and department 

Where is Lehman's budget spent?

Instruction and Departmental Research: includes all faculty teaching and research activity and all non-teaching, full-time academic staff from deans of divisions to departmental secretaries.

Academic Support Services: Includes all expenditures associated with the library, organized activities, organized research, and extension and public services. Organized activities include audio visual services, museums, galleries, and various media operations.

Student Services: Includes counseling, financial aid administration, registrar, athletics, international student services, admissions, and student health services, services to students with disabilities, and child care.

Maintenance and Operations: Includes administrative, maintenance, and custodial activities associated with colleges' physical plants.

General Administration: includes presidential offices, legal services, fiscal operations, campus development, and grants offices.

General Institutional Services: includes information technology, security, mail and printing, institutional research, public relations, computer and telephone services.

What is the fringe benefit rate for the current fiscal year?

The fringe benefit rates for FY 2021-2022 are 51% for full-time employees and 14% for part-time employees.