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Administration: Office of Budget and Planning

Position Management

Position Management is the process of establishing, adding, changing and maintaining organizational designations within the university structure. It is the practice that organizes staffing at the university. Whether there is a vacancy for an existing position, or there is a need to create a new position, Position Management facilitates the hiring of new personnel, and the managing of the staff thereafter. Position Management also allows for reporting that helps the user manage new and existing positions in the university.

At Lehman College, the Position Management process is a joint responsibility of the College Human Resources (HR) and the Office of Budget and Planning (OB&P). While the Hiring Manager and/or College HR initiates the process in identifying need for a new position, both the college HR and Budget play roles in validating and adding to the information the Hiring Manager provides. CUNY has established a Position Management Policy for the university .

e-PRF (electronic Position Request Form)

Position changes are initiated by submiting an eletronic request via the Lehman Automated Forms Portal (e-PRF process). The e-PRF is used to request changes to all full-time positions, which include changes in salaries, replacements, new positions, reclassifications and promotions. 

  • The e-PRF is available via the Lehman Connect Portal (Automated Forms link)
  • Security access is granted by Elkin Urrea, Information Technology Resources, 347-577-4027.
  • General questions regarding the e-PRF process and status can be addressed by contacting the OB&P at 718-960-7447.