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Administration: Office of Campus Planning and Facilities

Property Management

The Goal of the Property Management Office at Lehman College is to inventory all (State, Research Foundation, and Non-Tax Levy funded) movable equipment and property in accordance with CUNY requirements. Property Management works with the Accounts Payable and Purchasing Departments to confirm the delivery and receipt of inventorial equipment. The CUNY threshold for inventorial equipment or property is $1,000 for technological-related equipment such as computers and $5,000 for all other equipment or furniture. Lehman’s internal policy requires that all computers are tagged regardless of the cost. The Property Management Office conducts quarterly reconciliations and an annual physical inventory of tagged equipment each March. Departments are requested to be available so that Property Management may access tagged equipment during the time of delivery and during inventory periods.

Property Management works closely with Environmental Health, Facilities, IT, and Public Safety and Security to safeguard movable equipment from unauthorized use or disposition. IT ensures that sensitive student and staff data and other confidential information are removed from the hard drives of PCs. Environmental Health ensures that potentially toxic material is disposed of properly. In order to ensure an accurate inventory, please report all changes in the status and location of equipment or furniture to Property Management.


Victor Delgado
Location: Shuster Hall, Room 082
Phone: 718-960-8305