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Administration: Office of Campus Planning and Facilities

Routine Building Services

Those Tasks Performed on a Routine Basis as Part of Building Services Follow:

  • Trash removal from offices, classrooms, toilets, elevator lobbies, hallways, etc., should be at least once per day and more often if required. Trash is removed by janitorial/custodial staff.
  • Vacuum office with carpets at least once per week. Heavy traffic offices with high volume use should be vacuumed twice a week.
  • Vinyl and other hard floor surfaces should be washed at least once per week and swept as often as needed. Vinyl floors should be stripped and waxed once per year in offices. Corridors and classrooms are stripped and waxed at least once per year and often twice per year and are spray buffed at lease once per week, or more often if needed due to heavy volume and use.
  • Furniture should be dusted at lease once per month, please clear desks and other surfaces to be cleaned of all paperwork. The custodians have been instructed not to move papers or personal items.