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Administration - Sustainability at Lehman College

Earth Day at Lehman College

Earth Day 2024: Planet vs. Plastics

Earth Day 2024: Planet vs. Plastics Please join the Campus Sustainability Council and the Office of Campus Life for Earth Day at Lehman College 2024 Wednesday, April 17, 3 -5 pm in the Music Building Plaza (outdoors). This year’s urgent theme from is Planet vs. Plastics.
Although undeniably useful (also overused), petroleum-derived plastics have infiltrated every aspect of human life and the environment. By now, it is understood that plastics have negative impacts on human-, animal-, plant- and environmental health. Reducing plastics’ environmental impacts has long focused on downstream management (i.e. recycling by the end user) and not on manufacturers. Globally, recycling removes only about 9% of plastics from the environment. Subsequent recycled plastic products tend to be non-recyclable. Reducing/eliminating plastics in our environment requires multi-pronged/multi-level/interagency/transnational/etc. efforts. Learn how you can participate in this urgent call-to-action!

Did you know that CUNY will be required to eliminate single-use plastics from all campuses by 2024? Come to Lehman College Earth Day to find out how this will be achieved and what you - as a member of the Lehman College Community - will need to do.

Please join us April 17th to learn more about plastics in our world, campus sustainability efforts and interact with campus clubs involved in sustainability and positive societal impact. Until then, please check out the links listed below on plastics to get started: