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Administration - Sustainability at Lehman College

Join the Lehman College Campus Sustainability Council

The campus Sustainability Council has been established to foster dialog on environmental sustainability between diverse groups/individuals in the Lehman College community; identify, develop and implement new sustainability measures and improve/evolve existing ones; and facilitate sustainability efforts by individuals, departments, campus groups and clubs.

Sustainability leads everywhere. For this reason, it is important to have diverse points-of-view to inform our campus sustainability efforts.

Please consider joining the campus Sustainability Council if you have an interest in environmental sustainability, major or teach in a subject that has an environmental sustainability aspect, participate in environmental sustainability efforts anywhere in your life, or are a member of a group/club based on any of the pillars of sustainability at Lehman College. Membership is open to anyone – Students, faculty and staff.

Council members meet once each month, from September – May, the first Wednesday of each month, during the free period. Progress on existing sustainability efforts are reported on, new sustainability initiatives are introduced and discussed and future sustainability events/initiatives are planned for during Council meetings.

Environmental Sustainability is rightfully becoming a greater part of our everyday lives. Sustainability considerations are increasingly incorporated into daily activities. Each person has the responsibility to the environment - and to themselves - to act in ways that decrease their environmental impact. Joining the campus Sustainability Council increases the positive environmental impact by combining the efforts of the individual with the resources of Lehman College.

Please contact the Sustainability Council for more information.