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Steps for a Successful Transfer to Lehman College
Is a US Citizen; or a Permanent Resident; or in a qualifying Immigration Status AND
Has continuously resided in the State of NY for 12 months immediately preceding the first day of classes AND
Has a bona fide intent to reside in New York permanently THEN Eligible for in-state tuition

If you have a hold on your CUNYfirst account and/or received an email requesting proof of New York State Residency, please review the required documents and submission instructions below.

Click Here To OpenQualifying Immigration Statuses

A Ambassadors, diplomats and certain other foreign officials and their families
E Treaty trader/Treaty investor, spouse, and children
G Certain government or international organization officials and their families
H-1B Temporary worker in specialty occupation
H-1C Temporary worker performing professional nursing services
H-4 Spouse or children of alien classified as H-1B or H-1C
I Representatives of foreign information media and their spouse and children
K Fiancé(e) or Spouse of a U.S. citizen and dependent children
L Intra-company transferee (such as managers who have worked abroad for a branch of a U.S. firm) and their spouse and children
N Parents and children of an alien granted permanent residency as a special immigrant
R Religious workers and their spouse and children
S Crime witnesses and their spouse and children
T Victims of alien trafficking
U Crime Victims
V Spouse and children of a permanent resident who have a relative petition or an adjustment of status application pending for more than 3 years

For more details regarding the qualifying immigrations statuses, click here and scroll to “Qualifying Immigration Statuses” section.

Click Here To OpenList of Acceptable Documents to prove NYS Residency

To complete the residency requirement, students must submit two items from the list of acceptable documents detailed below. All items must document residency for the 12-month period immediately preceding the first day of classes.

  • Lease, deed or rent registration form (used for rent-stabilized apartments) signed by the landlord, which is either a public or private agency, and the student or parent of the student with the same surname

  • Letter showing eligibility or disbursement of Social Security or New York City Public Assistance with the student’s New York address covering the 12-month period immediately preceding the first day of classes and including the student’s name

  • Copies of the most recent complete Federal and New York State tax returns and the corresponding W-2 form. Responses to Federal form 4506 and New York State form 4506 requesting Federal and State tax information is acceptable if the Federal and State governments acknowledge that the party in question has in fact filed a tax return from the address noted

  • NYS ID/Permit/Driver’s License issued at least one year prior to the first day of classes

  • IDNYC New York City municipal identification card, showing the date of issuance at least one year prior to the first day of classes

  • Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy with the student’s name listed as insured

  • Automobile registration with the student’s name listed

  • Automobile insurance certificate with the student’s name listed as insured

  • Voter registration certificate or card with the student’s name

  • Bank statements with a NY address: one from a year prior to the first day of classes, and the most recent statement

  • Attendance as a juror in New York State with the student’s name

  • Housing lease signed by the landlord (who is an individual and is not a public or private agency) and the student. If the student’s name does not appear on the lease, the Alternate Lease Statement may be substituted. The “Alternate Lease Statement” must be completed and notarized by both the person whose name appears on the lease/contract and the student. The person whose name appears on the lease/contract must also submit proof (i.e., lease, telephone, utility, or similar type bills) of residency at his/her current address for the previous 12 months

  • Postmarked mail addressed to a student at a New York address at least 12 months immediately preceding the first day of classes (a P.O Box is not acceptable)

In addition to the items indicated above, the college may at its discretion consider additional documentation from a student if it believes that an accurate residency determination may be rendered through the additional documentation.
For more information, visit the CUNY Residency Policy.

Click Here To OpenSubmission Instructions

When scanning the documents, be sure to use a solid-colored background and avoid any shadows or other objects in the image.

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Nonresidents of New York State and Out-of-Status (Undocumented) Students

Nonresidents of New York State and out-of-status (undocumented) students who attended a New York State high school for at least two years and graduated, or obtained a New York State High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma, may apply for in-state tuition if they apply to CUNY within five years of receiving their diploma.

Complete and notarize Affidavit of Intent, then upload to our Undergraduate Admissions File Drop along with a copy of your high school diploma/HSE.

For more information, visit the CUNY Residency Policy (Part B).

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Other Categories of Students Who Qualify for the Resident Tuition Rate

Click Here To OpenAppeal Process: If Residency Was Denied

If you believe that you meet requirements for in-state tuition, you may appeal by notifying the Admission’s Office by completing the form via the link below within 10 days of notification that you have been determined to be a nonresident. You must submit a statement indicating why you disagree with the college's decision.