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Lehman Lightning Chatbot

Lehman College is pleased to introduce the pilot launch of our new chatbot! 

Lehman Lightning Chatbot LogoThe Lehman Lightning Chatbot is brand new and is just spreading its wings. Please help test the chatbot and provide feedback so it can learn and grow every day. 

What is a chatbot:  Lehman’s Lightning Bot is a virtual assistant that provides 24x7 text  conversations to answer your Lehman questions. The chatbot combines people power with artificial intelligence technologies to improve its ability to simulate a conversation and respond to your questions.

Where can I find the chatbot:  The chatbot is being tested on several college websites including Student Affairs, Campus Life, General Advising, the Library, Blackboard, Information Technology, and the Bursar’s Office. In 2020, it will be integrated with Lehman 360 to provide personalized information for students. In the future, you will even be able to speak with the chatbot using Amazon’s Alexa! 

How will the chatbot help students? The chatbot can answer general questions about Lehman, such as what are the Library’s hours, or how do I transfer credits from another college?  When part ofLehman 360 in the future, it will answer personalized questions such as what’s my GPA, or what’s my class schedule?  The bot has a basic knowledge of over 100 languages so you can converse in the language of your choice.

Who named the chatbot?  The Lehman Lightning name was developed by a student focus group that included student leaders. The logo design was developed by Jesus Medina, a Lehman Fine Arts major who is an intern in the IT division.

Thanks for helping our chatbot grow. We look forward to your feedback.