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updated July 3, 2018

Beginning Tuesday, July 3, 2018, the login to Lehman One Access will change. If you access Lehman One Access by the direct link ( you will see the Lehman 360 logo and login dialog prompting for your Lehman Login (username and password).  Logging in from there will take you directly to Lehman One Access.  Lehman One Access will also be accessible from the left navigation on Lehman 360 ( We recommend that you access Lehman One Access from Lehman 360 to take advantage of the other features of 360 and future enhancements.  Selecting "Lehman 360" or "Lehman One Access" from the Login menu on our home page will take you to Lehman 360 from which you can access Lehman One Access from the left navigation bar.

Lehman One Access – Overview

Lehman One Access reduces the need to manage passwords for several systems. Lehman One Access uses your Lehman Login (username and password) to allow one-click access to the CUNY and Lehman-managed applications you use every day, including Blackboard, Connect, and others.

Here are key features of Lehman One Access:

  • Lehman One Access allows you to access CUNY and Lehman-managed applications from any location, on any device via a web browser. Applications include Blackboard, CUNYfirst, CUNY Portal , DegreeWork, Connect, Library tools, student printing, and more.
  • The first time you use Lehman One Access, you will need to enter your password for each individual application (Blackboard, CUNYfirst, etc.). The next time you click each app, you will be logged in automatically.
  • Passwords are stored in an encrypted database, called a wallet, and only you have access to change your passwords.
  • Protect your security: close all apps and log-out of One Access when you have completed your session.
  • One Access will "time-out" after 30 minutes of inactivity. This is a measure to protect your security. In Blackboard, it is suggested that you draft your post in a word processing application and then cut and paste into Blackboard.
  • Personal Links can be added to store passwords for LinkedIn, etc.
  • Register your Lehman password on the Password Manager. This will allow you to change your password or recover an expired Lehman password 24/7.
  • You will need to change your Lehman and CUNYfirst password every 180 days. After you make the change, re-enter the new password on One Access.
  • For support, please contact the IT Help Desk in the IT Center or at the Leonard Lief Library.