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The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)

Research Foundation



The Research Foundation (RF) is a not-for-profit educational corporation that manages private and government sponsored programs at The City University of New York (CUNY). Since 1963, the RF has provided CUNY (and more recently our new non-CUNY clients) with the administrative infrastructure that supports sponsored program activities.

Lehman's Research Foundation Team

Tricia Abarro: Campus Benefits Coordinator

Phone: 212-417-8633
Fax: 212-417-6333

Abeer Hamdan: Campus Personnel Coordinator

Phone: 212-417-8654
Fax: 212-417-6354

Deborah Sacco: Payroll

Phone: 212-417-8641
Fax: 212-417-6341

Aleksandra Cataruzolo: PSC-CUNY Program Administrator

Phone: 212-417-8464
Fax: 212-417-6464

Victor Sekelsky: Summer Salary/Release Time Coordinator

Phone: 212-417-8402
Fax: 212-417-8479

Legal Affairs: