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Lehman Center for School/College Collaboratives

Mission & Goals

The Center's mission is to improve educational outcomes for Bronx residents and ensure that more highly qualified Bronx teachers enter Bronx classrooms. We aim to achieve this through 4 goals:

  1. Increase the number of highly qualified Bronx teachers entering Bronx schools
  2. Prepare teachers in high need areas (e.g STEM fields, teaching students with disabilities)
  3. Improve educational outcomes for Bronx K-12th grade students
  4. Conduct research, disseminate findings, and promote research-based practices

The Center for School & College Collaboratives sponsors multiple grant programs:

Center for School/College Collaboratives Programs Flyer

Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)

New York State STEPA New York State funded program, STEP is designed to assist economically disadvantaged secondary school students from different Bronx high schools, in acquiring the skills needed to pursue courses of study and careers in science and mathematics, technology, and health related fields.  The Bronx Schools involved with STEP are: Celia Cruz High School for Music in the Walton Campus, Pelham Preparatory Academy in the Columbus Campus and Schuylerville Preparatory high school in the Lehman High School Campus.