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Transfer Graduate Students

The Office of Graduate Studies at Lehman provides matriculated students looking to transfer graduate course credit guidance and support through every step of the process. Your hard earned credits will get you further towards degree completion. Students seeking assistance with their transfer applications are asked to contact us at
  • Walk-in
Drop by the Graduate Studies Office to talk with us and to ask general questions. No appointment needed.
  • Appointments (One-on-One)
Have a personal meeting to learn about your transfer options based on your academic history and current goals.

The path to earning a degree isn’t always a straight shot through a single college or university. Our generous transfer credit options however can potentially save you one or two semesters worth of tuition. The flexibility or our transfer credit options and the affordability of Lehman also makes this a great place to finish your degree. If you think you may want to transfer credit from a previously attended institution please get in contact with the Office of Graduate Studies (located in Shuster Hall, Room 279).


Transfer of Credit

The following transfer credit regulations apply to all matriculated Lehman College graduate students:
  • Maximum of twelve (12) credits in total may be transferred toward a Lehman master's degree.
  • Only six (6) credits counted toward a previously awarded master's degree are eligible for transfer.
  • Courses must be graduate-level and must be taken at accredited institutions offering master's degree programs.
  • Grades of (B) or better in courses taken outside of Lehman College are required for eligibility.
  • Courses taken more than five (5) years prior to matriculation at Lehman will not be considered for transfer.
  • Capstone clinical experiences such as student teaching, internship, or practicum in education, theses, and other, culminating master's degree projects taken at Lehman College or at institutions outside of Lehman are not considered for transfer to Lehman College master's degree programs.
  • Students matriculated in Social Work may request transfer credits only toward the special topics/elective requirement.
  • When students have taken more than (12) credits prior to matriculation, Lehman College courses will be given priority, provided they meet the College's requirements.