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Student Support Services

  • Academic Advising

    The Academic Information and Advisement Center supports the College’s mission by providing accurate and comprehensive one-on-one advisement to all undergraduate students. Academic advisors guide students’ decisions in identifying their educational and personal goals as they progress toward the successful completion of their Baccalaureate degrees. The Office strives to uphold academic standards while enforcing the College’s academic policies and procedures in a fair and equitable manner.

  • Athletics/APEX

    Lehman College is committed to offering a broad program in intercollegiate athletics, with ample opportunity provided for meaningful and successful contributions by men and women of diverse backgrounds, culture and experiences. Our Department conducts all of its NCAA varsity sports offerings in ways that promote sportsmanship, student-athlete success, and a comprehensive commitment to academic excellence, diversity, and equitable opportunity for all of its student-athletes.

  • Campus Life

    Our co-curricular programs are framed using the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education CAS Standards and aim to teach students to reflect on their experiences, make connections, and apply this knowledge to real world scenarios. The Vision is to serve as a leader in CUNY and among other urban commuter institutions in providing an opportunity for students to become engaged at the College and to persist to degree completion in the midst of a diverse student body.

  • Career Exploration & Development Center

    The Career Exploration & Development Center is dedicated to educating, advising, and connecting students to career and post graduate opportunities. The staff are experts in providing guidance and services to currently enrolled students, alumni, faculty and staff.

  • Child Care Center

    The Child Care Center's philosophy is to provide an environment where a child’s growth is supported and stimulated in all areas of development. Our program is rich with experiences in art, music, movement, science, language arts, and math, with plenty of room for nurturing individual interests. The teachers feel it’s important for the children to build their understandings through their own individual experiences, thus enabling them to think for themselves and question thoughtfully. In this way, the children know they are competent to learn, to grow, and to trust themselves as well as others.

  • Community Engagement & New Student Programs

    Our office aims to educate members of the Lehman campus community on the importance of responsible citizenship through new student orientation, community development programs, service efforts, practical application of knowledge, and an awareness of global issues impacting local communities.

  • Herbert H. Lehman Center for Student Leadership Development

    The Herbert H. Lehman Center for Student Leadership Development aims to provide opportunities intentionally designed to empower responsible, ethical student leadership in order to enrich the community while promoting positive citizenship and the holistic development of students. The mission is grounded in the firm belief that leadership can be learned and that it is a process, not a position. This is reflected in all of our programs. We strive to provide students with opportunities to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership that includes understanding of self, others and society, and acceptance of responsibilities inherent in community membership.

  • Instructional Student Support Program (Tutoring)

    Lehman College's Instructional Support Services Program (ISSP) is home of the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and Science Learning Center (SLC). The ISSP provides Lehman students with the opportunity to achieve academic success through the guidance and encouragement of peer tutors and professional staff members. We invite students and faculty to utilize the services offered through the ISSP, which include workshops and tutoring for undergraduate and graduate students seeking to improve their skills in writing and content knowledge in specific courses. A Math Lab is also available.

  • International Student Services

    Welcome! We are pleased to provide F-1 and J-1 visa and non-immigrant status services to international students and exchange visitors. We also provide cross-cultural engagement opportunities and campus life support services.

  • Student Disability Services

    If you are a student with a disability, you are not alone. There are more than five hundred registered students at Lehman, with a wide range of disabilities. The Office of Student Disability Services (SDS) works with both the Lehman College community and the local community to ensure access to all areas of campus life. Please give our office a call at 718-960-8441, send us an email at, or stop by room 238 Shuster Hall to find out more about the programs and services we offer. Remember, attitudes are the real disability!

  • Student Health Center

    At the Student Health Center, the health care needs of our students are treated with respect, integrity, and compassion. When you call for an appointment, we strive to see you as quickly as possible. Your lifestyle, stress factors, and cultural indicators are part of the treatment plan that your health care provider develops with you. Care and treatment are confidential. Your medical records are kept securely and your file will only be released with your written authorization. When your treatment requires more than we can offer, we provide community-based referrals.

  • Student Housing

    The mission of The Office of Housing and Residential Services is to provide a comfortable and safe, co-ed environment that fosters a sense of community, civic responsibility, an appreciation of cultural diversity, while promoting leadership and cultivating experiential development.

  • Urban Male Leadership

    The Urban Male Leadership Program (UMLP)is designed to facilitate the successful transition of first-year and transfer students to Lehman College. The program also provides support to continuing students by strengthening academic skills, personal development, and character enrichment. We are committed to developing the whole student both inside and outside of the classroom. The primary program focus seeks to increase the retention and graduation rates of all students while fostering a meaningful college experience with specific emphasis on experiences of historically underrepresented Black and Latino males.

  • Office of Veterans & Military Affairs

    The Office of Veterans and Military Affairs is committed to supporting the Lehman College's VA's community in pursuit of their higher learning degree for their professional development by identifying, addressing, and advocating for their evolving needs; we do this by exceptional programming and mentorship ensuring compliance with College, University, and the Veteran Affair’s educational benefits regulations.

  • Wellness Education and Promotion Program

    The Well Ed Program is committed to fostering culture of health and well-being through the development of evidence and theory based programs and activities that empowers the campus community to manage their health and make healthy decisions.