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Career development and advancement is an ongoing process that continues long after your graduation from Lehman College. We encourage you to make use of this helpful website throughout your career path. It includes a host of services and information that can assist you as you research employment options, career choices, changes, and goals.

In addition to this website, our Career Services Center (CSC) also offers for current students, as well as graduates, many career-related opportunities and services, such as:

  • résumé and cover letter development
  • improving interviewing skills
  • how to seek promotion opportunities
  • career change transitioning
  • conducting self-assessments
  • individual counseling and/or career planning

In addition, we encourage alumni to work with us in supporting programs and events provided for our current students. Our students, as you know, are eager to garner information from successful former Lehman students and to develop the valuable skills that you can offer. Remain a part of the Lehman community by helping our students to reach their potential. You can:

  • share job/internship opportunities
  • volunteer to serve as an alumni mentor
  • participate in networking events
  • allow for job shadowing and/or informational interviews

How to Access our Alumni Services

To utilize our services, please call or visit the Career Services Center and schedule an appointment to meet with a Career Counselor who specializes in your field of study or employment (718-960-8366, Room 254 of Shuster Hall). As an alumnus, you are entitled to use CSC services, provided that you are a member of the Lehman College Alumni Association and present a validated Alumni CUNYCard. If you are a recent graduate of Lehman, you are given a complimentary membership to the Alumni Association for the first year after your graduation.

To obtain your Alumni CUNYCard, call the Alumni Relations Office at 718-960-2416 or visit them in Room 301in Shuster Hall.

Alumni Mentoring Network

Alumni, become mentors!

The Alumni Mentoring Network is an online program in which professionals in various fields provide guidance and information for students. Mentors offer advice, support and networking opportunities which are designed to help further students' academic and career goals.

Benefits of this program (for mentors) include the following:
  • personal satisfaction from helping to support and empower students with skills to achieve their educational and professional goals
  • expanding students' knowledge with your personal perspectives of the Lehman experience and the working world
  • sharing professional and educational experiences with your mentee(s)
  • making a difference in students' lives
Benefits of this program (for mentees) include the following:
  • gaining self-esteem and empowerment from skills learned to achieve educational and career goals
  • acquiring a broader knowledge base of the Lehman experience and life after Lehman
  • experiencing first-hand viewpoints from the professional and educational experiences of successful Lehman graduates
  • having a Lehman alumnus as a professional guide for future success

To become an Alumni Mentor, contact the Program Coordinator at 718-960-8366 or stop by Room 254 in Shuster Hall, if you are on campus.

Last modified: Jul 27, 2016

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