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Career Services Center (CSC)

Classroom Visits & Personalized Workshops

Classroom Visits

Classroom Visits and Personalized WorkshopsA member of the Career Counseling staff would be willing to visit your classroom to talk to your students about a career related topic. You need not be there for this presentation. For example if you have another engagement on a class day or are just unable to attend your class, consider asking the Career Services staff to act as a substitute for you rather than cancel class.

Personalized Workshops

We could create and deliver a workshop designed specifically for your class and discipline. For example, job search for Health Administration majors may be different from accounting majors.  Also what types of jobs one might pursue with a particular major varies from discipline to discipline. We could specialize our delivery to suit your students' needs.

Please visit us or call us in Shuster 254, (718) 960-8366 to make arrangements for any of these options. 

ements for any of these options.