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Department of Nursing

Department of Nursing

Graduate Admissions

Information Session for FNP and DNP Programs 

  • Click here for recorded information session on the FNP and DNP programs

Advisement Schedule for Fall 2023

From the Chair, Dr. Eleanor Campbell,

Welcome to the Department of Nursing, where we are committed to preparing students in the undergraduate and graduate programs in Nursing. The Department has the traditional and accelerated nursing program, the MS in Family Nurse Practitioner, and the Doctor of Nurse Practitioner Program. Our dedicated faculty are here to help you reach your personal goals. We are always available for questions or advising. Please feel free to reach out directly to our program directors that are listed under each of our programs.


To prepare nursing professionals at the undergraduate and graduate levels who are able to engage humanistically, think critically, act ethically, and pursue life-long learning. Graduates of the program are prepared to be competent professional nurses who will contribute to the health needs of diverse cultural groups and promote social justice and equity in New York City, the region, and the world.

Department of Nursing Goals

  • Goal 1: Develop graduates with excellence in practice, research, scholarship and teaching
  • Goal 2: Optimize the university and college’s resources for faculty and staff development in support of student learning and advancement.
  • Goal 3: Recruit, retain and graduate a highly qualified, diverse student body prepared for successful professional practice;
  • Goal 4: Prepare alumnae who are engaged in continuous improvement and lifelong learning with a commitment to the college and the profession.
  • Goal 5: Engage in collaborative efforts with multiple stakeholders in improving the health and wellness of diverse populations and a commitment to community service.

Philosophy of the Department of Nursing

The philosophy of the Department of Nursing encompasses the faculty’s beliefs about the concepts of education, nursing, persons, environment, and health, and provides a framework for the nursing curriculum of the undergraduate and graduate programs.  The programs encourage students to be active participants in their own education and in lifelong learning.  Emphasize the importance of inter-subjective relationships to professional development as well as self-development and self-awareness.  Ensure that students are committed to the ethical care and nurturing of well and ill people, individually and in groups, and that professional nurses are self-directed, skilled in oral and written communications, accountable for their actions and able to make sound decisions and formulate independent judgments.