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The Generic Nursing programs, traditional and accelerated, are a 75-credit program. The Traditional Generic program is designed to be completed in 2 years. The Accelerated Generic program is designed to be completed in 15 months.

The RN-BSN programs, traditional and online, are a 37.5 credit program, designed to be completed in 2 years.

If you were admitted to the Traditional Generic program, classes will start at the start of the fall semester.

If you were admitted to the Accelerated Generic program, the first day of classes is the first week of June, following Summer Session 1.

The Dosage Calculation workshop is the final phase of the admissions process for those being considered for the Generic nursing programs. After passing the initial phase of admissions, a group of prospective candidates will be invited to take a Dosage Calculation workshop.

This workshop and exam are designed to test prospective applicants' ability to...

Prospective applicants will attend a 3-day Dosage Calculation workshop. At the conclusion of the workshop, prospective applicants will sit for an exam covering all items of the workshop.

Prospective applicants will have two chances to take the exam. If you fail the first exam, you must attend a review session and sit for the exam a second time. Failure to pass the dosage calculation exam the second time will result in denial to the nursing program.  

No, if your iDelcare form was approved for Nursing, this does not mean you have been official accepted into the nursing program. You must submit an application to the Nursing Department and all required documents for consideration to the program.

The Nursing Department at Lehman College has two Generic Programs: Traditional Generic and Accelerated Generic.  The Traditional Generic program is tended for students interested in obtaining their first Bachelor of Science in nursing.

The Accelerated Generic program is intended for applicants seeking a second bachelor’s degree in nursing. Applicants interested in this program must have completed a first bachelor’s degree in any area other than nursing.

You can view more information about the nursing programs, pre-requisite courses, application, and deadline process by copying and pasting the link below in your browser.

We only accept applications for the Generic nursing programs (Traditional Generic & Accelerated Generic) for the fall intake period only. The nursing application for the generic programs becomes available January 2nd until March 15th.

You must first apply to Lehman College via the CUNY application. On the CUNY application, you can select program of interest:

  • Traditional Generic, or
  • Accelerated Generic.

After you have been accepted to Lehman College, you will need to complete an internal application to the nursing department. 

See Undergraduate Student Handbook for more details about the nursing programs, pre-requisite courses, application, and deadline process.

Before or during their final spring semester, before admission application to the Generic Nursing Program, students must:

✓  Complete their Nursing Program prerequisite course(s)
✓  Complete the HESI A2 exam
✓  Submit Nursing application and all other required documents by March 15th
✓ Additionally, Click here to see Pre-Nursing Advisor

You are eligible to apply for the Accelerated Generic Nursing Program. This program is intended for applicants who are seeking their Second Bachelor’s Degree. The Accelerated Generic program follows the same coursework as the Traditional Generic program, except that it is 15 months accelerated program.

See Pre-Requisites Here

*We do not accept grades for repeated courses. Only first attempt grades will be considered to determine eligibility for admission to the nursing program.
**Only HIN 269 can be repeated, but students MUST earn at least a “B” in the repeated course.

If you have completed all pre-requisite courses AND have 60 credits, ALL Applicants MUST TAKE HESI A2 Examination prior to admissions.

Click here for Testing

Applicants to the Lehman College BS (Generic and Accelerated) Nursing programs must take the HESI A2 with Critical Thinking.

YOU MUST BE ADMITTED TO LEHMAN COLLEGE BEFORE REGISTERING TO SIT FOR THE HESI A2 examination. To register for the HESI A2, you must first create an EVOLVE account (Elsevier, Evolve, and HESI are the same company).

Evolve Testing Department ID: 201568

All candidates must arrive at the Prometric Testing Site with their Evolve username and password as well as a government-issued photo ID with a signature.

· Instructions for Creating an Evolve Account and Testing Information (PDF)
· ADA (Americans with Disabilities) Procedures for Accommodation (PDF)
· New York Prometric Testing Sites (PDF)
· All PrometricTest Center List (PDF)

Admission Requirements Click here for Admission Requirements
All decisions on admission to the Lehman Nursing Program are made by the Nursing Application Evaluation Committee; their decisions are final.

The Nursing Application Evaluation Committee uses the following criteria in evaluating candidates for the Nursing Program:

✓  While a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 in the Biology and Chemistry prerequisite courses is required for consideration for admission, this part of the admission requirements is competitive. 
✓  Space in the Nursing Program is limited. Meeting the minimum requirements for admission does not guarantee acceptance into the Program.
✓  Even when a prerequisite Biology or Chemistry course is repeated, only the FIRST grade earned is the grade that will be used to determine eligibility for admission to the nursing program.  This includes courses transferred to Lehman.
✓  Any grade below a C in any of the Biology and Chemistry prerequisite courses results in automatic disqualification from the Nursing Program.  (CR, P, and other grades that do not indicate how well you performed in a course also result in automatic disqualification.)
✓  A minimum grade of C is required in Foundation prerequisite courses. 
✓  Students are allowed to retake HIN 269 or NUR course in the major once.  A second grade below C in a major course result in automatic dismissal from the Program. 
✓  Students must earn at least a “B” on the repeated course.
✓  Minimum passing scores in each section of the Pre-Nursing Admission Assessment Exam (HESI A2) 

Note, Lehman College’s nursing program is competitive. Admissions to the program will be based on competitive applicant pool until all seats for each program are filled. If you have questions about your nursing application, contact

Subject Area

Minimum Score



Reading Comprehension


Anatomy & Physiology


Critical Thinking


Yes, Lehman College’s RN-BSN program is open for admissions for fall and spring semester on a rolling admissions basis.

Applicants must have completed an associated degree in Nursing and have an unencumbered RN license in NYS to be eligible to apply for the RN-BSN program.

Applicants cannot apply to the program is they are missing their associated degree in nursing and the RN license.

To register for HIN and NUR courses, you MUST get permission from the Department of Nursing to Register.

Fill out this Form for Permission to Take HIN Courses

Nursing CAS is the centralized application system for the nursing program. All students applying for the Traditional Generic and Accelerated Generic programs must complete the Nursing CAS application to be considered for the nursing program.