Medical Malpractice Insurance for Nursing Students

All RN-BS and Master’s nursing students are required to carry the maximum liability coverage available (generic students—traditional and accelerated—are exempted). RN students must carry professional liability as a registered nurse. If enrolled in the PNP Program, you must carry malpractice insurance as an NP student.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification (Health Care Providers)

All students entering a clinical nursing course must have a valid CPR certification from the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.

Criminal Background Check and Drug Testing

Criminal background check and drug testing are requirements for admittance into the program as they are preconditions for students to participate in clinical rotations at the training health institutes. The drug testing and background check policies have been established to meet contractual requirements established by clinical facilities used by the DON for clinical placements of its nursing students.

Health Clearance

Health clearance is required by the New York State Department of Health to determine that health care workers and students do not pose a health risk to clients, families or co-workers and to assure that the student is physically able to fulfill the objectives of the educational program.

Each student in the Department of Nursing must have a current health clearance form submitted two weeks prior to the first day of each clinical course; this applies to students in the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. The Health clearance form must be completed by a physician or appropriate designee and is valid for one year from the date in which performed. The complete form, including the evaluation of lab results, must be returned to the Department of Nursing, T3-Room 201.

It is the student’s responsibility that all required information is included in the Health Clearance form. If the form is incomplete, the student will not be allowed into the clinical agency.

  • Documentation of immunization/immunity to communicable disease (including titres) needs to be completed only once if immunity is confirmed.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine is strongly recommended for all students. Students who decline the Hepatitis B vaccine are required to sign declination statement prior to placement in a clinical area.
  • *Those students who have a positive tuberculin test must provide documentation of the date and result of a chest X-ray.
  • Students who need a copy of the Health Clearance form for their own use should make sure to make a copy before submitting the original signature document to the Department of Nursing.
  • For additional information, see Health Clearance Summary and Form in the secretary’s office.

*Read the position statement of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN): policy and guidelines for prevention and management of human immunodeficiency virus and Hepatitis B virus infection in the nursing education community.

Summary of Required Health Clearance

  • Annual Physical Examination
  • Laboratory Tests: B Evaluation of test results as “Normal” or “Abnormal” must be done by the physician.
    • CBC with Differential
    • Urinalysis with Microscopic exam
    • VDRL B This test must be done within one month prior to the first day of classes.
    • Hepatitis Antigen/Antibody Titre
    • Rubella Titre
    • Measles, Mumps and Varicella Titres (if no documentation of immunizations available)
  • Immunizations
    • Tetanus-Diphtheria B Within 10 years (give exact date)
    • Polio B give exact dates
    • PPD B, if PPD positive, physician follow-up and chest x-ray required.
    • Mumps B Documentation of immunization or positive titre required.
    • Measles B Documentation of immunization or positive titre required.
    • Rubella B Positive titre required (give exact numbers).
    • Immunization required if titres are not immune.
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox) B Titre required.
  • Additional requirements may be imposed by specific agencies with which the Department of Nursing affiliates.

Please make a copy of your completed health clearance form for your own records. Copies cannot be made for you in the Nursing Department. Return the completed form to:

Department of Nursing
T 3 Building, Room 201