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Instructional Support Services Program/Tutoring

Academic Coaching

Watch this video to learn about academic coaching and schedule a one-on-one appointment today to meet with an Academic Coach. Discover how your coach can help you improve your grades!

Can't commit to a one-on-one weekly appointment? Sign up for group sessions.


Keys to Academic Success

Time Management
Study Strategies
Communication Skills
Preparing for Finals


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Academic Coaching

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is a relatively new modality in the field of Learning Assistance. It is not tutoring or counseling, rather it is a modality that provides students with key information and strategies to identify, manage, and reach their goals. Academic coaching is rooted in the development of a proactive relationship between a student and a coach who provides the student with structure, support and feedback. Current research suggests that academic coaching impacts on persistence and graduation. Thus, academic coaching is another tool in the field of Learning Assistance that can enhance the college experience for students by leading to both academic and professional success.

What is the difference between tutoring and academic coaching?

Tutors typically help students with the content of a particular subject. Academic coaches focus on helping the student with study skills applicable to a variety of subjects and strategies that allow the student to be successful in college, in their workplace and in life in general. Some of the areas that are focused on during coaching sessions are:

  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Study Strategies
  • Test Preparation Strategies
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Motivation
  • Organization
  • Planning 
  • Note-taking 
  • Reading Strategies
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Campus Resources, and more!

Who can benefit from academic coaching?

Our coaching program is designed to help and benefit any student at any point in college. Whether the student is a new first year or transfer student, or a current nontraditional student, or even an A student who wants to get the most out of their college experience, our coaches will meet them where they are.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Academic coaches help students create effective study habits that lead to academic and personal and professional success.

Does coaching require a long term commitment?

No. Students have the option of a one-time session or consecutive weekly sessions. Students who request a weekly appointment can terminate their appointment at any time during the semester, once they feel they have been helped. However, the assessments done on the impact of academic coaching on the students’ academic performance show that a minimum of three consecutive sessions are needed for students to see the impact of coaching.

Who are the coaches?

Our coaches are high achieving current students and recent graduates. All coaches have attained excellent overall academic performance and participate in regular staff development and training. 

How do I apply for academic coaching?

Students can apply for academic coaching by completing the Appointment Request Form.  

Can I ask for a certain coach, if I find someone I work well with?

Yes. Get to know your coach. Once your find a coach you feel comfortable working with, meet with that coach regularly. However, we may not be able to always honor requests for appointments with specific coaches.

What does a typical coaching session look like?

Each session is different and unique to the student. The coach and the student mutually decide on the goals of the session. The coach helps the student break down the goals into parts, and suggests strategies the student can apply to reach the goals. 

How long is a coaching session?

A coaching session is fifty minutes long.

What should I do between my coaching sessions? 

Students are encouraged to review and implement strategies introduced by the coach in the previous sessions. 

If I have questions or concerns about my experience with academic coaching, what do I do?

Ask the front desk staff to direct you to the Program Coordinator, who will answer and address any questions and concerns you may have in regards to your experience with academic coaching.

What students have said about academic coaching?

“What I thought was impossible became possible with coaching.”

“My academic coach was so helpful and inspirational and I could not ask for more...”

“I had a great experience with academic coaching. AMAZING! AWESOME!”

What is the cost of academic coaching or tutoring?

Coaching, as all other ISSP services, is FREE to all Lehman students. 
However, please note that you may access tutoring only for the courses you are currently taking, and not for courses you plan to take in the future.