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Instructional Support Services Program/Tutoring

Online Tutoring

The Lehman Tutoring Center (LTC) and the Science Learning Center (SLC) offer the following:

  • online tutoring in writing, select humanities and social sciences courses as well as academic coaching through our virtual Lehman Tutoring Center.
  • online tutoring through our online service NetTutor through Lehman 360.

LTC Online Writing Tutoring

The online writing tutoring program enables Lehman students to request feedback on their writing from any computer terminal with Internet connectivity. Students meet live with a tutor on the Blackboard Collaborate platform.

Example of LTC Online Email Writing Tutoring Feedback

Students who cannot meet live with a tutor can submit their work for feedback from a writing tutor, ask questions, and communicate with a tutor via e-mail. Because online tutoring, like face-to-face tutoring, requires input from both parties, when students submit work through email, they must also provide background information about the assignment and identify their main concern(s) so that the tutor can tailor his or her response. Students must have a valid Lehman e-mail account to access the online tutoring services.

To see a sample of what online email tutoring feedback looks like, please click here (PDF).

Registering for LTC Online Email Writing Tutoring

  • A Lehman email account is required to use our service.
  • To register for LTC online writing tutoring, your draft should be sent to us as an email attachment (in Microsoft Word format) to:
  • Please indicate in your email the COURSE and the full ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES. Also, please tell us whether you are in the drafting process, and what you would like your tutor to focus on.
  • Online tutors cannot respond to more than 5 double-spaced draft pages per tutoring session.
  • Please limit submissions to one paper at a time. Submissions are limited to two drafts of a single paper in a given week.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours response time.
  • If you have any questions, send an email onine to or call us (718) 960-8175.

Science Learning Center Online Natural Sciences Tutoring

Online tutoring in select natural science courses enables Lehman students to receive tutoring in the supported classes in real time using Blackboard's Collaborate.

To access natural sciences online tutoring, students must stop by the virtual Science Learning Center.

Students wishing to receive tutoring for the select social sciences or chemistry courses in which online tutoring is offered must have a valid Lehman e-mail account, access to their CUNY portal account and to a computer that meets the specific technical requirements (PDF).

NET TUTOR - for writing tutoring as well as tutoring in a wide range of subjects

Net Tutor, available to all Lehman students, provides online, live support for a variety of Lehman courses.  NetTutor also has a Paper Center that works similarly to our in-house, email-based online tutoring.  Just log into Lehman 360 from the Lehman log-in page, click on Net Tutor, and select the area in which you are seeking tutoring.  If you would like writing support, click on Paper Center, and follow the instructions for submitting your draft.  Net Tutor will return your paper within 24-48 hours.  Net Tutor is 100% free, like all the services we offer at ISSP.