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Career Services Center (CSC)


How to build your competetive edge with career services

Career Counseling

Individuals have the opportunity to discuss in detail career planning issues, resumes and cover letters, interests and skills assessment, job search strategies as well as any other career related topics. Deciding on a major or exploring what opportunities exist for a particular major can also discussed. All personal information revealed during the course of the counseling session will be kept in the strictest confidence.


The Career Center conducts a series of workshops in the following areas:

  • Deciding on a Major - to help you with the task of deciding what major to choose towards your career goals.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing - to help you develop a clear and effective resume and cover letters that will attract an employer attention. 
  • Job Search Strategy and the Internet - learn how to use the Web as a tool for finding work and researching information about employers and your career. 
  • Interviewing Techniques - develop an understanding of the interview process; learn possible employer questions and how to answer them. Also the issue of professional attire and follow-up guidelines will be addressed. 
  • Internships - learn why internships are important; find out what types of companies offer internships and how to apply for these valuable learning experiences.

Please check our more recent schedule of Workshops

From time to time other workshops may be scheduled depending on the needs of the students. For more information on these special workshops click on Classroom Visits and Personalized Workshops.

Mock Interviews

Students can practice and evaluate their interviewing skills by having it videotaped! If you are interested, contact the Career Services Center to schedule an appointment. Before making the appointment; have your resume reviewed by a Career Counselor and submit a job description for a position that suits your qualifications. The job description will be used by the interviewer during "your" mock interview.

Recruitment Activities

On-campus and off-campus interviews and seminars are arranged with companies and agencies interested in hiring Lehman students. Also there is an annual on-campus Career Expo where you can meet, talk with and submit your resume to individuals from many different businesses. 

Sometimes the recruitment event may be for the whole student body and sometimes only for students majoring in a particular area; e.g., Sociology, Accounting, etc. It is therefore important that you read your Lehman email and periodically check the CSC Events.

Internships and Summer Jobs

Internships help students gain valuable on-the-job experience in their particular field. Internships may be paid or unpaid. Read about what other Lehman students say about their internship experiences in the View Intern Profiles

About the middle of your junior year you should consider whether an internship will help you in your career pursuits. A listing of internship and summer job opportunities can be found at the Career Services Center. Periodically there is a workshop which discusses internships in depth. Check the Workshops schedule.

Employment Opportunities

The Career Services Center offers hundreds of part-time, summer, and full-time jobs in the private, public, non-profit, and government sectors. These jobs are available in jobs books and on our bulletin boards, and are updated on a regular basis. You are welcome to review them in Shuster Hall Room 229. 

Also visit our Lehman On-line Job Bank updated on a daily basis where you will find many more positions. There are also job websites for you to visit. Click here for Jobs on the Web

If you are having difficulty finding work, you may want to make an appointment to see one of the career counselors to review your resume, interviewing skills and job search strategy.

Skills Assessment (FOCUS 2 Program)

The Career Center has a user-friendly software program called FOCUS 2 which can allow you to find out more about your skills, interests and values and how they may relate to your career and life choices. It can be helpful if you are unsure about which subject to major in or which career direction to follow. 

If you want to know more about yourself, first make an appointment to see a counselor to consider whether using the FOCUS 2 program is for you.

Career Lab

The career lab (Shuster 229) has the following items for your use:

  • Lehman On-line Job Bank - you can access jobs which have been recently posted by employers directly to this site. 
  • Web Access - to on-line job search and career and employer information. 
  • FOCUS 2 Program - software for learning more about your skills, interests, and values. 
    Computers - available with word processing software to type only resumes and cover letters.

The Career Lab has a staff member present to help you answer any questions.