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Child Care Center at Lehman College

Subsidy Information

Federal Grant Subsidy Application Process

All parents who have enrolled their child Lehman's Child Care Center program receive subsidy applications, and are notified that they can apply for the federal grant subsidy assistance.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Parents complete, sign, and date the subsidy application, and submit it along with their financial documentation and a financial aid release form by the designated deadline. Forms that are not accompanied by financial documentation and/or not complete can not be accepted.
  • Once all applications are collected, a list of all eligible parents is compiled and submitted to the Financial Aid Office for income verification.
  • The length of this whole process depends largely on when the Center receives notification as to the amount of the federal grant subsidy money awarded to the Center.
  • Notification will be mailed home to parents who will receive subsidy assistance, along with their revised enrollment agreement stating their reduced child care fees.
  • Notification will also be mailed home to parents who will not receive subsidy assistance, along with a reminder of the child care fees that are due.

Subsidy forms are valid for one semester only and a new one must be completed each semester that the child will attend the Center, due to a possible chanage in financial situations.

All parents need to be aware of the following:

  • There is always a fee for childcare services, regardless of the subsidy assistance. If a parent does receive the subsidy assistance their fees will be reduced.
  • It also needs to be understood that although a parent may be eligiblefor the subsidies, IT IS NOT A GUARANTEE that they will receive them. Subsidy determinations depend largely on the amount of the federal grant that the Center receives and the number of eligible parents.
  • All parents are expected to adhere to the payment schedules (given in their initial packet of forms) and to have all their fees paid before the end of the semester.