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FAQs - Fellowship Awards

Who may apply for Fellowship Awards?

Permanent instructional staff and Lecturers with a Certificate of Continuous Employment.

When may I apply for a Fellowship Award?

After six years of continuous full-time employment.

Do Fellowship Award leaves count as service towards tenure?


What types of Fellowship Awards are there?

Three types:

  • A full year at full pay
  • A half year at 80% pay
  • A full year at 80% pay

Although very few full-pay awards are approved by the University

For what purpose are Fellowship Awards granted?

For the following purposes:

  • For research (including study and related travel)
  • For improvement of teaching
  • For creative work in literature of the arts.

What is my obligation if granted a Fellowship Award?

To serve the University for at least on year after the expiration of the leave and upon return to submit a written report outlining the work accomplished during the period of the leave to the Department Chair, Provost and President.