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FAQs - Leaves

How are sick and annual days accrued?

Sick leave and annual leave is accrued based on your title, years of service and date of appointment.

What is an annual leave cap?

You are entitled to maintain an annual leave balance of 2 times your annual leave rate. For example, if you earn 15 days annual leave per year, your annual leave cap is 30 days. Any leave balance over that rate by August 31st is lost, unless your supervisor writes a justification and a schedule for using it.

Must I get permission to take annual leave?

Yes, you must complete an authorized request for annual leave form that can be obtained from your department or the Department of Human Resources. It should be requested 7 days in advance. Your supervisor approves annual leave based upon the needs of the department.

How many unscheduled holidays do I have?

The number of unscheduled holidays you have depends upon your contract and the calendar year. For the 2011-2012 calendar, Instructional staff and White Collar Contract employees have 4, Blue Collar Contract employees have 1 and 220 titles have none.

How many days am I entitled to for a death in the family?

Employees covered under the Blue and White Collar Contracts are entitled to (four) 4 days of bereavement leave for immediate family members which are: a spouse; natural, foster or step-parent; natural, foster or step-child; natural, foster or step-brother or sister; father-in-law; mother-in-law; grand-child, or any other relative residing in the same household and effective January 1, 2004 the Domestic Partner of the employee and a child or parent of the Domestic Partner or any other relative of the domestic partner living in the same household.

Do I get paid if I am required to go for Jury Duty?

Yes, if you are called for jury duty, you will receive your regular salary while serving, provided that you remit to the College an amount equal to what you are paid for jury duty.

Do I get paid for my lunch hour?

No, meal breaks are not paid for.

May I skip or take a shorter lunch and leave work early?


May I take a leave of absence to try out a new job?


How can I find out how much time I have accumulated?

Contact your timekeeper or fill out the Request for Leave Balance Form and submit to your timekeeper.

What happens if I get hurt on the job?

In the event that you are injured in the course of employment, the Public Safety Office should be notified immediately at ext. 8228. You, or a family member, should call Human Resources at ext. 8181 as soon as possible for forms and information. You must complete an incident report.