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Counseling Center at Lehman College


SEEK Counseling and Advisement

Counseling and Academic Advisement Services

For fifty years, counseling has been integral part of the SEKK Program at Lehman College. SEEK counselors partner with students to successfully meet the challenges of college and are committed to working with students as they identify and plan for their educational, vocational and personal goals in pursuit of their Baccalaureate degrees.

Upon admission to the SEEK Program, each student is paired with a professional counselor who provides individualized academic advisement, personal and vocational development from the point of admissions to graduation. Each student is required to meet with their assigned SEEK counselor at least three times per semester in order to benefit from SEEK Program benefits.

Individual/Group Counseling

In partnership with their SEEK Counselor, students will develop an understanding of:

  • The general education curricular requirements
  • Lehman’s and the SEEK Program’s policies and procedures
  • Campus resources, programs and support systems that enhance, support and promote their academic profess and success
  • How to utilize the college technology and resources to navigate and track their progress toward retention and degree completion

Freshmen Year Seminar (FYI)

Entering first year students in the SEEK Program are enrolled in a one credit specialized seminar course taught in the fall semester by their assigned SEEK counselor. Topics in the seminar are designed to provide students skills and knowledge to aid in their college transition and development.