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Counseling Center at Lehman College

Pre-Freshman Summer Program

All entering SEEK freshmen are required to participate in the SEEK Pre-Freshman Summer Program, which is a series of intensive academic skills workshops and seminars designed to preapre you for college level work. For those students who need to pass one or more of the CUNY Basic Skills Tests, the Summer Program provides workshops to develop the skills needed to pass them.

Students who have passed all the CUNY Basic Skills Tests (Reading, Writing, and Math) will participate in enrichment workshops, such as science.

The SEEK Program also offers Bridge Preparatory workshops in science and math during the month of August for students enrolled in these courses for the fall semester.  Students who have participated in these workshops demonstrate above average performance during their first semester in college.

All students are required to participate in the summer program to maintain their eligibility for enrollment in the fall.

The Summer Program is free. Participants receive a stipend (dependent on program funding), as well as supplemental instruction and counseling services during the summer.

Students who still need to pass the CUNY Skills Tests at the conclusion of the summer program and after their first semester of full-time enrollment must enroll in the SEEK Winter Enrichment Program during the winter intersession. Participation in a second summer program is required if a student still has not passed all tests by the end of their first year.