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Special Academic Sessions

Summer Internship Program Visiting Students

Have you secured an internship in the New York metro area this Summer? Want to earn credit for your internship experience? Earn your credits locally at Lehman College!

Interning in New York City is one of the greatest experiences that a college student can add to his or her resume. As a world class city, New York offers endless opportunities to gain relevant career experiences in nearly any industry.

Summer is a great time in the city! While interning in New York you will be able to immerse yourself in New York City life from taking in a Yankees game, to an afternoon at the Seaport or Central Park, or a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is something for everyone.

NOTE: BBA 370 IS NOT AVAILABLE IN SUMMER 2024. Students who secure an internship in the New York metropolitan area are able to participate in this program and will enroll in the 3-credit BBA 370 Internship in Business course. Topics in the course include evaluation of the work experience and its connection to the academic program, development of corporate communication, networking, and orgranizational skills, and assessment and analysis of issues frequently encountered in the workplace and strategies for addressing and resolving them.

Finding an Internship in the New York York Metropolitan Area

The following links will provide you with resources for identifying internship opportunities in the New York City area:

Identifying Housing in the New York Metropolitan Area

While Lehman does not provide housing for students, we have developed a useful website to direct you to a variety of housing options across the city

Applying for the program

  • Students will need to complete a visiting student application
  • Students will need to submit a copy of their unofficial transcript
  • Students will need to submit a $65 application fee.

Applications will be accepted beginning February 1st and will be accepted until the first day of the term.

Information about how to submit the application is included on the checklist which is downloaded with the visiting student application.

Students will be notified of their acceptance within 24 hours of receipt of their application.

Tuition and Fees

Regular tuition and fees apply.

For additional information about this program, please email