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Special Academic Sessions

Application and Registration Information

Visiting and other non-degree students

If you are not a current Lehman College or CUNY student, but you are attending another college or university, you are considered a "Visiting Student." You will need to submit the visiting student application (and the other required materials listed on the first page of the application packet). Search for real-time course availability in the online course search engine before applying. All application materials should be uploaded to our secure digital dropbox. You will be billed for the non-refundable application fee ($65 for new undergraduate visiting students, $75 for new graduate visiting students, and $20 for returning visiting students) once your application has been processed.

Other "Non-Degree Students" are defined as students who are not currently enrolled at a college or university but who wish to take classes at Lehman College without pursuing a degree. Non-degree students need to complete the Non-Degree Application process and submit the materials directly to the Admissions Office.

Students from other CUNY colleges

Follow the CUNY ePermit procedure to register for a class.  Once you have obtained your CUNY ePermit, you will be able to self-register via CUNYfirst. Please note that it can take 2-3 business days (or longer) for your home college to process the ePermit out and then an additional 2-3 business days for Lehman to process the ePermit in once your home college has completed their processing. You should initiate the ePermit process as early in the registration period as possible.

Lehman College students

Lehman students who completed courses in the prior fall or spring semester, and have not graduated or applied to graduate, will automatically receive a summer session enrollment appointment and can self-register via CUNYfirst or Schedule Builder. Please note that other holds may impact registration. Lehman students who have not attended courses in one of the two prior semesters must be readmitted to the College to register for Summer semester classes. Click here for more information on readmission. Once readmitted, you may register online through CUNYfirst.

Accessing Online Courses

If you have registered for an online course, you can access Blackboard, our online learning platform, from any computer with an Internet connection at home, on campus, or in many local libraries. Visiting students will receive a Visiting Student Resource Guide with instructions for accessing Blackboard.


Please email with any additional questions.

For more details about the summer calendar, including drop dates and the sliding scale for tuition liability, please visit the registrar's website.