About Graduate MHSE

Welcome to the Department of Middle and High School Education (MHSE). The mission of MHSE is to provide undergraduate and graduate studies that serve to engage a diverse body of students to become well-prepared and effective secondary teachers and educators. The vision of the department is: 1) to provide students with course work and professional experiences and settings relevant to their area(s) of specialization and 2) to introduce students to current, innovative, and culturally and linguistically relevant and anti-racist instructional leadership strategies enabling them to acquire academic and personal/social skills/dispositions that prepare them to be successful in secondary education settings.

In keeping with the mission and our educational framework, the Lehman Urban Transformative Education (LUTE), we prepare students for initial New York State certification to teach academic and special subjects in middle and high schools, grades 5-12. MHSE also offers a new Human Rights and Transformative Justice Advanced Certificate (with an online option).

Graduate Teacher Education Program sequences lead to Master’s degrees and to both NYS Initial and Professional certifications in English Education (Grades 7-12), Mathematics Education (Grades 5-9 and 7-12), Science Education (Grades 7-12), Social Studies Education (Grades 7-12), Spanish teaching (7-12), Music (7-12), Art (7-12) and TESOL Education (PreK-Grade 12). Starting in the fall of 2022, the department will offer also offers new programs leading to dual certification in the content areas and adolescent Generalist Special Education. MHSE also offers Advanced Certificates in all the academic subject areas. A Bilingual Extension in PreK-Grade 12 for teachers who are already NYS certified in an academic subject area is also available.