Special Education Methods Course Advisement

Students enrolled in the M.S.Ed. Program in Students with Disabilities Grade 7-12 Generalist program should reach out to the corresponding program coordinators to inquire about permission to enroll in the following courses listed below.


MHSE courses available to graduate students in Special Education program, grades 7-12 
Subject Fall Spring Summer Program Coordinator Contact Information & Office Hours
*Students who have taken a co-listed undergraduate course (e.g., ESC 419/ESC 519; ESC 433/ESC 533) will not be granted permission to enroll in the respective graduate co-listed course (e.g., ESC 519 or 533). Students should contact their advisor in the Special Education Program to discuss alternatives.
Math ESC 532: Teaching Mathematics in Middle and High School (10 Slots or Until Full)  N/A  N/A  

Dr. Abi-Hanna

Dr. Cruz

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Science ESC 519: Teaching Science in Middle and High School Setting (10 Slots or Until Full) *Taskstream subscription required   N/A   N/A  

Dr. Wesley Pitts

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Social Studies  

ESC 533: Teaching Global History (10 Slots or Until Full)

 ESC 534: Teaching US History (10 Slots or Until full) N/A

 Dr. Sherry Deckman
sherry.deckman@lehman.cuny.eduFor Office Hours Click Here

English Language Art ESC 522: Teaching English in Middle and High School
(10 Slots or Until Filled)
ESC 724: Teaching of Writing
(10 Slots or Until filled)

Dr. Amanda Gulla

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ESC 529: Language & Literacies Acquisition in Secondary Education ESC 529
(10 Slots or Until Filled)
ESC 529
(10 Slots or Until Filled)
ESC 529
(10 Slots or Until Filled)

Ms. Joi Jones

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