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Writing Across the Curriculum

Current Faculty Participants

WAC Working Group

Ayanna Alexander-Street Biology
Alyshia Galvez Latin American and Latino Studies
Vani Kannan English
Hyeyoung Oh Sociology
Rosa Rivera-McCutchen Counseling, Leadership, Literacy, and Special Education


First-Year Composition Workshop Series*

  • Genevieve Bettendorf
  • Marlyn Boyer
  • Rebecca Breech
  • Melissa Castillo Planas
  • Lindsey Cienfuegos
  • Frederic Colier
  • Elizabeth Garcia De Souza
  • Mollie Eisenberg
  • Stacey Engels
  • Nathalie Fouyer
  • Sophia Hsu
  • Vani Kannan
  • Alexis Larsson
  • Jennifer Mackenzie
  • Tanio McCallum
  • Lisa Quinones
  • Brit Schulte
  • Carla Stockton
  • Keith Walters

* Sponsored by the CUNY Academic Momentum Campaign / Gateway English and Lehman College's Office of the Provost, Office of the Arts & Humanities Dean, Writing Across the Curriculum Program, English Department, and First-Year Initiative Program