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International Programs & Community Engagement

Support Our Students


Our students reflect the rich diversity of the Bronx—they originate from 140 countries, with 42 percent speaking a language other than English at home. The majority of our students are economically challenged—half come from homes with a household income below $30,000, and just as many are the first in their families to attend college. They often juggle work and family obligations while pursuing their degrees. Despite these challenges, they achieve, but not without your help.

Gifts toward the College’s mission-critical areas make it possible for Lehman students to continue their academic pursuits and achieve their career goals. As this year’s season of giving approaches, we invite you to join us on December 3 for Giving Tuesday, a 24-hour fundraising marathon to raise money to support our students through the following initiatives: 

 Micro-Grants for student emergencies        
 General Scholarships
 Scholarships for International Learning Experiences
 Lehman College Food Pantry

Scholarships for International Learning Experiences

Our students partner with non-profit organizations, and travel far and wide from Cuba to Singapore, to assist in local community development.  Their experiences abroad have a significant impact in their college success and in their life beyond Lehman.  Studying, working  or researching abroad  provides alternative social, economic, and political ways of interacting with the world. Whether they're helping to build orphanages in Tanzania or learning about the rights of indigenous people in Chile, Lehman students are returning from these experiences energized and ready to change the world they live in.