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Office of Campus Life at Lehman College

Club Forms


All clubs who seek recognition must register or re-register at the start of every Spring and Fall semesters. The registration period window is open for the first 3 weeks of the semester. Specific dates are published prior the start of each semester in Club Central.

Registration consists of informing Lehman College about your organization: your current leaders, members, advisers, and constitution (you can follow our constitution template). Existing clubs must present documentation of any changes of these items during registration. To start the registration process, clubs must fill out the Registration Form, which is available online at Club Central during registration period. Note that this form becomes available only during the periods of registration. At other times, this form is inaccessible.

Events and Funding

All forms for student clubs to create events, including making facilities and equipment reservations, requests for event funding to Student Government, and purchasing are available through Club Central.

  • Facilities and Equipment Reservation
    To reserve a facility and equipment on campus for any event (bake sale, meeting, or special event), go to your club's page, followed by the "Events" tab, and then the "+ Create Event" button. Note that you must be logged-in and hold a leadership position to access the Events Form. Events can only be held when classes are in session. Please reserve a facility on campus with two weeks in advance.
  • Purchasing
    To start a purchase with club funds, you must fill a Purchase Order Form, found in Club Central. Note that purchases need to be submitted 2 weeks in advance your event. Some purchases may require more time if there are contracts and bidding to be done.
  • Funding Request
    Funding for clubs is allocated at the beginning of each fall and spring semesters. Funding requests are reviewed and approved by the Student Government Association, and the Association for Campus Activities. The request for funding form is only available at the beginning of each semester and can be found at the Forms Tab in Club Central. Funding can only to cover expenses related to events hosted by the club and, therefore, the form asks for the associated costs related to the event. Other expenses, such as promotional items (branded water bottles, pens, t-shirts, etc.), bake-sale goods, donations, and award prices, need to be fundraised by the club.


For off-campus events, clubs must follow the CUNY Student Domestic Trip and Travel Guidelines and fill out the required forms. For more information about off-campus events please contact the Office of Campus Life.

Other Forms

The below forms are only to be used in consultation of the Office of Campus Life staff.