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Wellness Education and Promotion

Wellness Workshops and Activities

Spring 2022 Calendar: All Worshops are held in the Old Gym, Room 007 or on Zoom. Sign-up here:

For up-to date information on all of our workshops- visit us on instagram

Wellness Workshop Series

Humpday Health

humpday health image Want to learn how to communicate effectively with your partner? Have questions about sex but you were always too afraid to ask? This series of workshops are designed to help students navigate relationship and sexuality issues. They focus on issues of sexual identity, disease prevention, communication and pleasure. The workshop provides students with the opportunity to talk about these issues in a safe and supportive environment. The workshops will be guided discussions and will focus on different sexual and relationships issues. Guest speakers and organizations will be invited to facilitate discussions. These workshops will be held once a month on Wednesdays, starting in February.

Spring 2022

  • TBD

adulting meme #Goals: Adulting 101

Adulting can be rough, our #GOALS Workshops will help you get through it. Our workshops aimed at teaching students all the things they will need to be successful adults, including: paying taxes, personal budgeting, buying a house, managing credit, and more.

Spring 2022

  • 5/10/2022 #GOALS: Office Etiquette

Thirty Thursdays

Thirsty Thrusdays workshopThirsty Thursday workshops will give you the tools you need to party safer and develop healthy drinking habits. These workshops are fun, interactive and designed to help you bust common myths about drinking. Workshops will be held on every Third Thursday from 1:30-2:30pm.

Spring 2022

  • 4/28/2022 Thirsty Thursday: Trivia!
  • 5/12/2022 Thirsty Thursday: Echeckup-to-Go

Treat Yo'Self Tuesdays

Treat yourself workshop seriesCan't find the time to take care of yourself? Schedule is too crazy? Self-Care isn't selfish. Come learn different ways to treat yo'self and practice some self-love. Students will leave each workshop with one technique to practice self-care. Workshops are fun and interactive.Take this one hour each month to Treat yo'self!

Spring 2022


Wellness Groups

The Wellness program provides wellness groups for students in a variety of health topics. These groups are a safe and supportive environment where students can discuss personal issues and learn different strategies to improve their health.

Wellness Wednesdays

Interested in health? Come by for our Wellness Wednesdays coffe hour. Here you will get a chance to interact with our coaches, participate in different activities, watch a short film or talk about different health issues. Wellness Wednesdays are help every two weeks, from 12:30-1:30pm. Each Wednesday will have a different topic and format.

Spring 2022 Dates:

  • TBD

Parent Support Group

Are You a Parent or Parent-to-be? Trying to figure out how to balance your academic course load and your family life? This support group will allow students to connect with other parent to share the joys and challenges of parenthood. In this group, students will be able to share experiences, study tips, how to handle parenthood while in college, and much more. The support group is designed to provide students with a vast array of resources to smooth the transition from parenthood to academic life. This group meets once a Month Contact us for more information.

Health at Every Size: Mindful Eating and Size Acceptance Group and Workshops

More than your size, Mindful Eating and Size Acceptance GroupTired of Dieting? Want to learn how to develop a positive relationship with food and exercise? This wellness group focuses on the concept that we can be healthy at every size. The group works with students to teach them the principles of mindful eating, how to develop positive relationships with food and exercise and how to make small, yet meaningful changes to improve their health in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Students who participate in the group will mindful eating strategies, learn how yo-yo dieting affects your long term health and learn different ways to incorporate physical activity into their daily life.

Spring 2022 Dates:

  • TBD

Individual Wellness Counseling

The Wellness Education & Promotion Program is here to provide individual health counseling on issues such as condom use, birth control options, safer sex, and breast and testicular health. You can make an appointment for an individual session or you can stop by the Old Gym Building, Room 007 and be seen as a walk-in. All health counseling is completely private and confidential.

Condom Use & Safer Sex Options

Students often come in to learn the correct way to use male and female condoms and to learn more about safer sex options. We use demonstration models to show the correct way both male and female condoms are used, and we're happy to provide you with male and female condoms, lubricant, condom wallets, and information. We also provide students with information about birth control options and Plan B® Emergency Contraception.

Breast & Testicular Health

We also use breast and testicular models to show students how to perform a Breast-Self Exam or a Testicular-Self Exam. These self-exams should be performed at home each month. People tend to skip these personal self-exams because they are not sure how to perform them correctly. We're happy to show you using demonstration models.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us.