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Wellness Education and Promotion

Wellness Coaching Program

wellness Coaching Logo The Wellness Coaching Program is a peer-to-peer based program where students facilitate positive behavioral change through advocacy, education and support.

Wellness Coaches empower other students by providing them with tools and strategies they need to make Healthy Choices.

How the Program Works

Our Wellness Coaches work with other students to help them plan and implement small health goals.

Students work one on one with other students to provide:

  • Wellness Assessments
  • Individualized Coaching sessions
  • Mini-workshops

Our coaches follow a 6 step process to help you plan, manage and succeed. The picture below describes these steps:

Wellness Coaching Program Model

  • Step 1. Engage YOU: Coaches will help you get started on your journey to better health.
  • Step 2. Know YOU: Coaches will know what you want to change, your motivation and priorities. 
  • Step 3. Connect YOU: Coaches will connect you to resources on and off campus.
  • Step 4. Guide and Support YOU: Coaches will advise, support and help you develop an action plan. 
  • Step 5. Build YOU Up: Coaches will help you make easy, small changes that lead to bigger success
  • Step 6. Celebrate YOU: Coaches will celebrate and reinforce your ongoing success!

Meet Our Coaches

Our student wellness coaches are trained in principles of motivational interviewing, behavior change theory, effective listening, goal setting/action planning and health literacy. Our Coaches are here to help you on your journey to better health!

If you are intereseted in taking a Wellness Assessment and making an appointment with our coaches please email us at:

Coach Alicia

Alicia Baiocco
Junior Wellness Coach

Rhenea Barrow

Rhenea Barrow
Senior Wellness Coach

Coach Komal

Komal Bhatia
Junior Wellness Coach

Coach Nicole

Nicole Flores
Junior Wellness Coach

Coach Jianne

Jianee Carrasco
Junior Wellness Coach

Oscar Contreras

Oscar Contreras
Senior Wellness Coach

Coach Stefaun

Stefaun Grant
Senior Wellness Coach



Fathima Lye
Junior Wellness Coach

Coach azuree

Azuree Price
Junior Wellness Coach

Erica Diaz

Erica Diaz
Senior Wellness Coach


Interested in becoming a Coach?

The Peer Wellness Coaches are students who are trained in the different areas of Wellness to work with other students to promote health and well-being on campus. Students in the program will be trained by staff and will work with the Wellness Leadership Team to provide services, events and workshops on and off campus. 

  • Students are trained in Motivational Interviewing, bechavior change theory, goal setting/action planning, workshop development and health literacy.
  • Upon completion of the program students will receive a certificate in Peer Health Education 
  • Have the opportunity to advance to the Wellness Leadership Team
  • Coaches will receive a $600 stipend for the academic year to compensate for their hard work and time.

To be eligible students must:

  • A. Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • B. Be able to attend trainings during late August
  • C. Attend 1 hour weekly team meetings during the Fall and Spring Semester
  • D. Dedicate 3-10 hours per week to working in the office and/or training 
  • Applications will be available on March 8th 2019 for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Academic Year.