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Division of Enrollment Management at Lehman College

Enrollment Services and Communications

The Office of Enrollment Services and Communications (ESC) provides staff with communication services to help inform and engage our students. Upon request, ESC can send targeted communications to current students and faculty. ESC uses a variety of electronic communication channels, including Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system to send emails, text messaging, robo-calls, EAB Navigate and Lehman 360 student portal notifications.

Email Text Message Calls
Emails can be scheduled, personalized (first name, etc.), and follow Lehman’s branding. In addition, email analytics are available showing view rates and clicks, which can be used for follow-up outreach and reporting purposes. Messages can be scheduled. The message needs to be under 160 characters, including spaces. We suggest including the word “Lehman” within the message. The message script needs to be under 30 seconds. We can arrange a date/time for the message to be recorded by the requestor, or we can find a person to record it.

Please use our form when submitting a communication request.

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