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Division of Enrollment Management at Lehman College

Grants Received

2021 – 2022 Academic Year

  • Buonocore, C. (1999-2022) ACT – Articulation of Credit Transfer funded by the Heckscher Foundation.
  • Buonocore, C., Rosario, Y. and Finger, R. (2021-2024) “Tuition Assistance Programs Awareness Plan (TAPAP)” funded by the College Completion Initiative Fund: Graduate NYC Program $196,000.

2020 – 2021 Academic Year

  • Finger, R., Rosario, Y., Forde, A. & Buonocore, C. (2021) “Flipped Approach to Academic Advising” funded by University Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Lucinda Zoe via Complete College America for $98,000.
  • Sarmiento, R., Buonocore, C., and Finger, R. (2021-2022) “C.A.R.A. Peer Mentoring Program Grant” funded by the Petrie Foundation for $14,000.

2019 - 2020 Academic Year

  • Finger, R., Rosario, Y., & Buonocore, C. “Race to the Finish Line: Senior Success Initiative” funded by College Completion Innovation Fund (CCIF) for $192,948.
  • Parkinson, A., & Jimenez, M. Lehman College Information Technology Fee Grant for $13,415 in support of “Student Access to Support in the Academic Center for Excellence and the Science Learning Center.”

2018 - 2019 Academic Year

  • Buonocore, C., Austin, L., & Finger, R. “Helping Every Lehman Prospect (H.E.L.P.) Program” funded by CUNY Office of K-16 Initiatives for $22,500.
  • Gantz, D. “College Now Senior Celebration” funded by CUNY Office of K-16 Initiatives for $12,500.