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Division of Enrollment Management at Lehman College

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Division of Enrollment Management is committed to building partnerships and collaborative initiatives that support the educational, social, and cultural mission of the Lehman College. The Division is comprised of fourteen offices with clearly defined yet interconnected roles and objectives. Working together synergistically, the Division’s offices strive to provide integrated services for undergraduate and graduate students at every phase of their studies at Lehman and beyond, from pre-enrollment, admission, and registration all the way to graduation and post-graduate services.

Enrollment Management Vision

The Division’s vision is to work with the members of the Lehman community to transform the lives and communities of the students we serve.  Our activities include:

  • Maximizing the use of current and emerging technologies to create robust student services
  • Developing an integrated reporting system with real-time data that will inform and forecast enrollment
  • Engaging in data-driven decision-making that will enhance the continuum from pre-enrollment to post-graduation 
  • Developing coordinated communications, operational efficiencies, and exceptional customer service
  • Balancing access while developing the prestige of the institution
  • Strengthening the College’s brand